Two new products launched 

Emco Wheaton is proud to launch two new product this week - the EW Selector and the Combi-Cabinet

With the selector and cabinet, operators will no longer have to travel along the API envelope of the vehicle in order to operate the system.  Going forward, all the controls are at hand and following extensive field trials, client feedback has been impressive. For more information see our new video below or read our latest news items below.

We have more than 100 years’ experience working within the fluid transfer industry along with the pedigree and knowledge, along with the innovative attitude and skills required to produce world leading equipment.

From Marine Loading Arms used to safely and efficiently transfer hazardous liquids and gases from ship to shore, Distribution Loading Arms, DRY-BREAK® couplers, adaptors, petroleum road tanker equipment and a range of refuelling systems used to refuel fleets of buses, we are proud of our wide-ranging product offering and continue to meet and exceed the growing demands of the transportation, oil, gas and chemical industries we serve.

Our products, which are designed and manufactured at our four plants strategically placed around the globe, have been recognised as class leading for decades with clients returning time and time again safe in the knowledge that they are buying the best products from one of the world’s most well respected and recognised brands.

The EW Selector