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Spring Loader E2304

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Bottom Spring Loader - E2304

E2304 - Bottom Spring Loader

The E2304 Bottom Spring Loader is especially designed for the bottom loading and unloading of road or rail tankers with all type of fuels.

Tanker side connection is achieved with a 4" API coupler. The loading arm dimensions are designed to allow for covering of the complete API connection area envelope.

Reliable and well proven components:

  • Emco Wheaton D2000 World Series swivel joints
  • Emco Wheaton spring cylinder
  • Robust composite rubber hose or Stainless steel braded hose
  • Emco Wheaton API dry break coupler
  • Safe working, easy operation, drip-free welded construction

Bottom Loading Data Sheet

A bottom loading station can consist of up to 5 product arms. The design allows unrestricted cross-over of all arms.

A separate loading arm for vapour recovery completes the installation.



Inlet flange up hose:Carbon steel

Alternative Stainless Steel


Low temp

Design pressure:Dependent on the coupler - 300 psi up to shut off valve

Design temperature:
14°F to +176°F

Balancing method:Spring cylinder