Refueler/Bowser Loading

We supply many products that can be used in the loading of aircraft refuelers/bowsers. From tank truck systems and API couplers to DRY-BREAK couplers and loading arms, our aim is to deliver products that exactly fit the application.

  • Aviation Couplings - TODO 45

    TODO 45 aviation fuel transfer equipment is the first choice for safe and spillage free transfer of aviation fuels. Used in commercial, offshore and military applications, the TODO 45 aviation fuel transfer couplings are built to take the strains of rapid fuelling activities in the most demanding of applications.
  • Ball Valves -TODO

    TODO Ball valves are shut-off valves used to switch between pump lines during mobile fueling applications. These high performance ball valves, made from aluminum, offer robust, lightweight properties for weight saving and long life benefits to the tanker.
  • Bottom Loading and Vapor Recovery System (BLVR)

    Bottom loading of road tankers is a means of loading products from ground level eliminating the need for expensive loading gantries. It is far safer and faster than conventional top loading methods still being used and when installed correctly, zero vapor emission can be achieved.
  • CAMSEC Coupler

    The CAMSEC Coupler has been the industry standard in France for over 30 years. With superior sealing technology, the CAMSEC is maintenance friendly, ATEX certified and available with a French metrology approved check valve.
  • DRY-BREAK Couplers & Adapters - Emco Wheaton

    Emco Wheaton DRY-BREAK Couplers and Adapters are designed for total safety in low-pressure, petroleum and light chemical applications. Fluid cannot flow until the Emco Wheaton coupler has been locked into position on an Emco Wheaton Adapter and the valve opened. The coupler can only be disconnected from the adapter when the valve has been closed. Rated for a working pressure of 85 psi (PN 6)
  • DCMT3

    For the grounding of tanks such as tank vehicles, barrels and railway tank wagons, our DCMT3 is used in applications where grounding must take place to prevent dangerous sparks between the rig and the tank.
  • Safety Break-Away - TODO

    The TODO Safety Break-Away coupler is specifically designed to minimize spillage and damage associated with drive/pull away incidents. It also allows rapid removal of the mobile tank in emergency situations.
  • API Coupler - J0452

    New product development, ongoing product improvement and the flexibility to adapt to customer's individual requirements ensure that our API couplers remain at the leading edge of technology. The J0452 API coupler is the most advanced coupler available in the global market today with snap-on/snap-off design, superior sealing technology and optional integrated pump with filter element.
  • API Coupler - J0451

    The J0451 is the most economical API Coupler providing safe and leak-free operation with easy and comfortable handling.

    The first choice for the safe handling of hazardous, valuable or environmentally sensitive media. Complementing the Emco Wheaton DRY-BREAK range, these products are available specifically for high pressure applications. Working Pressure of PN 10-25 (145 - 363 psi) Todo are pleased to offer proven solutions for DEF/AdBlue deliveries to small containers, IBC totes and bulk storage tanks giving minimal residual spillage upon disconnection.
  • Bottom Transfer Loader - E2033

    The E2033 Bottom Transfer Loader is designed for heavy duty use and high flow rates, typically at large terminals. This style loader is designed for loading or unloading. This design is recommended when cross over is not required and when loading arm height is restricted. The standard reach of a bottom transfer loader is 12-13 feet. The standard unit is constructed of carbon steel and aluminum. This arm is also available in all carbon steel and all stainless steel construction.