Rail Car Access

The risk of falling from the top of rail car tankers is a subject of increasing concern to operators, users and inspectors. Unacceptable levels of injury and fatalities in recent years have made this one of the leading issues within the bulk fluid transfer industries. We provide a range of equipment to ensure operator safety including folding stairways which are normally used to bridge the distance from loading racks to rail tankers.

  • Bulk Folding Stairway - E0264

    Specially developed for the loading of Silo tanker vehicles, the E0264 Folding Stairways have extra side platforms for the safe inspection of the tank top.
  • Protective Grating System

    Our Protective System consists of gratings, back rests and folding stairway. The system is is an important safety feature for operators accessing the top of tank trucks.
  • Safety Cages

    Safety Baskets are used for top loading of road tankers and rail cars. Folding stairways are used for the safe access to the top of the vehicle and safety baskets are then used to safeguard the operator from falling off the vehicle during operation.
  • Standard Folding Stairway - E0264

    For the safest path from the stationary filling platform to the tank vehicle, use our E0264 Safety Folding Stairways.
  • Standard Filling Platform - E0300

    Our Standard Filling Platform E0300 can be employed in many different environments, provides the highest level of working safety and includes many standard and optional features.
  • Wide Stairs- E0264 - 3000

    The extra wide Folding Stairs E0264-3000 make it possible to create a safe and obstacle free path for the entire length of the tank vehicle.