Aviation Overwing Nozzles

We manufacture a number of overwing fueling nozzles for both general aviation and military fueling. A variety of options are available including the unique SPEED SPOUT, which allows for the interchange of spouts on the line as needed, and the hot refueling features, which allow for the safe refueling of helicopters with rotors turning.

  • Automatic Hot Refueling Nozzles - G457

    The G457 Automatic Helicopter Refueling Nozzle was originally developed for military applications. This nozzle is designed to ensure that fuel cannot be accidentally delivered into the engine air intake during hot refueling (fueling with rotors turning).
  • Overwing Refueling Nozzles - Military Specification - G162

    The G162 and G163 overwing type nozzles are designed for fueling in high pressure applications.
  • Standard Overwing Nozzles - G180

    The G180 Overwing Nozzle is available with threaded spouts. The nozzles are easily field serviced using the Emco Wheaton repair kit program. Nozzles are available with many optional features.
  • Overwing Fueling Nozzles with SPEED SPOUT - G180

    The G180 overwing refueling nozzle was developed for fueling commercial and military airplanes and helicopters. This nozzle is designed to be lightweight, comfortable to operate, and rugged. The Speed Spout Option allows fueler to change spouts in less than 5 seconds!