Tank Truck Components

We are world leaders in the design and manufacture of tank truck equipment. Our equipment is tailored to fit into many operations, vehicles and bulk plant requirements. All components are designed to operate reliably in hazardous conditions, ensuring that your product is delivered without spillage or contamination, at all times protecting the driver and the environment. Our equipment complies with many industry standards and recommended practices, including ISO 9000/2000 approval, ensuring our methods and manufacturing procedures are monitored consistently, resulting in quality approved equipment time after time.

  • API Adapters

    The API Adapter is the tankers connection valve for filling at the loading rack and for unloading by hose at the service station. Our API Adapters have been designed to incorporate maximum safety, high flow, low-pressure drop, easy maintenance and offer a long service life. The design of these valves in accordance with the internationally recognised standard for bottom loading (API RP 1004, CEN/ADR) makes them ideal for oil companies and transporters of petroleum products.
  • Ball Valves -TODO

    TODO Ball valves are shut-off valves used to switch between pump lines during mobile fueling applications. These high performance ball valves, made from aluminum, offer robust, lightweight properties for weight saving and long life benefits to the tanker.
  • Drop Elbows

    Drop Elbows are used during delivery operations at the gas station. They are connected between the underground tank fill point and to the tank delivery hose. Our Drop Elbows, with their lightweight aluminum body and aluminum handle, set the standards in terms of design features and build quality.
  • Emergency Valves

    Also known as a Foot Valve, Bottom Valve, Belly Valve, Sump Valve or Internal Valve the Emco Wheaton range of Emergency Valves are manufactured to contain the contents of a tanker should the run off pipes be damaged. Simplicity of design, durability and ease of maintenance are just some of reasons why our valve is the international standard for transporters of petroleum products.
  • F2020 Overfill Prevention System

    The F2020 Overfill Prevention System prevents the overfilling of bottom loaded petroleum tanker compartments during the terminal loading process. If the F2020 detects an overfill it will stop the flow, preventing a spill.
  • Fuel Oil Nozzles - TODO

    TODO Fuel Oil Nozzles are specifically designed to deliver high volumes with total security. Robust cast aluminum alloy body, high strength swivel and robust handle combine to provide reliable long term performance.
  • Manhole Covers & Accessories

    Emergency venting (fire engulfment), tank breathing and flanges for ancilliary equipment are included with all our manhole covers. These features protect the tanker against rupture, division reversal and explosion when either natural or catastrophic internal pressures build up. Vacuum relief protects against tank implosion and compartment division reversal.
  • Pneumatic Controls

    Pneumatic control systems comprise of various air operated components. These components ensure signals are directed to the relevent compartment valves and also provide safety and security interlocking designed to customers specific requirements.
  • Vapor Recovery Adapter

    The Vapor Recovery Adapter is the interface connection valve between the road tanker and the vapor return hose in both loading and unloading operations. To ensure coupling compatabillity, the 4" grooved connection (Surelok or Camlok) is in accordance with the internationally accepted standards (CEN/ADR/API).
  • Vapor Transfer Vents

    As a key component in the vapor recovery system, our vapor transfer vent (VTV), fitted to the Manhole Cover, provides the means to transfer displaced vapors to and from the tanker. Supplied air operated and sequenced with the emergency valve, they ensure vapors are transferred safely during the loading and unloading process.