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Marine Loading Arm - B0030

Our B0030 Marine Loading Arm is preferred when loading / unloading sea-going tanker ships and its capability has been proven with many years of trouble free operation world-wide.

The B0030 includes a rigid link pantograph balancing system with independent counterweights directly linked to the inboard and outboard arm. This ensures accurate balance throughout all maneuvering and connecting positions.

The self-supporting design provides not only high safety standards for easy operation, but also lowest possible jetty loads which minimizes the cost for the jetty itself.

The advantages in comparison with hose loading facilities are:

  • Ease of handling
  • Higher availability/flexibility
  • Less man-power and minimum maintenance
  • Maximum operational safety and minimized operational cost (cost of ownership)

The B0030 can be manually or hydraulically operated. 



Sizes:4" up to 16"

Pressure ratings:
PN 10 up to PN 40

Carbon steel
Low temperature steel
Stainless steel

Temperature range:
-50°  to +200° C

Customized solutions available on request.