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Emergency break-away coupling for bottom hose loading applications

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Emergency break-away coupling for bottom hose loading applications

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Emco Wheaton has introduced a TODO break-away coupling incorporating a TTMA (Tank Truck Manufacturers Association) flange, for the bottom loading of road tankers.

The addition of the 4" TTMA TODO break-away to the loading operation of road tankers gives operators peace of mind knowing that if a drive-away incident occurs, the break-away will disconnect and minimize product lost to virtually zero.

The API coupler and the loading arm will not be damaged and the break-away has the capability of being re-set on site with no need to buy a new piece of equipment or send the break-away to the manufacturer for re-set.

The TTMA flange break-away can be installed on a wide range of bottom hose loading distribution loading arms.



Body Material:                                                           Cast aluminum 
Seal material:                                                            Viton / Buna 
Working Pressure:                                                     145 PSI / 10 Bar 
Test Pressure:                                                            217.5 PSI / 15 Bar 
Weight:                                                                       24 Lbs / 11 Kg 
Overall Length:                                                          14 inch / 35 cm 
Reaction force during emergency release:                772 Lbs / 350 Kg (at the connection flange of the road tanker) 
Pin size:                                                                     3mm (others available on request)