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The new F2035 combi-cabinet has been designed to be compact and integrate the full control system into one location to eliminate dispersed operation and achieve a centralised control maximising space and, again, minimising weight. The cabinet removes the need for large additional control cabinets fitted upstream of the tanker, but does not change the safe loading and discharging operating procedures as a robust stainless steel control box cover is provided with a security lock.

The cabinet features a range of benefits over the previous version. All the connections are now found in one control interface reducing the need for complicated pneumatics and OPS looms in separate locations.

Its unique design places the combination of the OPS Bottom socket, master and guard bar controls all in one with simple feed channel to provide combined integrated circuitry.

The optional OPS brake interlock pin can be provided for rigid fleet applications where the Guard bar protection is not available.

Emco Wheaton is a specialist in the design and manufacture of standard and customized Air Control Systems for the remote operation of tank truck equipment. Our sequenced air systems provide a clean, safe, reliable and easy to use system for the delivery of petroleum products. They are specifically designed to cope with today's harsh environment in hazardous transportation.


Material: Aluminium

Seals: Viton

Working Temperature:  -20°C to +70°C (Other temperatures on request)

Fittings: 4 or 6mm

Maximum air pressure:  10 bar