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Drop Elbows

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Drop Elbows


Drop Elbows are used during delivery operations at the gas station.  They are connected between the underground tank fill point and to the tank delivery hose.

Our Drop Elbows have been designed to incorporate maximum safety, high flow, low-pressure drop, easy maintenance and offer a long service life. The simplicity of their design makes them ideal for oil companies and transporters of petroleum products.

Our Drop Elbows, with their lightweight aluminum body and aluminum handle, set the standards in terms of design features and build quality.


  • Heavy duty construction throughout
  • Lightweight, rugged aluminum construction
  • High strength solid bronze interlocking cams, prevents loosening
  • High flow rate, low pressure drop
  • Smooth action side locking handle with stainless steel linkage
  • Safety latch built in as standard
  • Tall version as standard for deep boxes – no need for extension kits
  • Stainless steel high strength fasteners – no split pins
  • Bushings on all running surfaces for extended life
  • Ergonomic balanced carrying handle
  • Easily fits into standard trailer cabinets
  • Dry lube operation
  • NEW!!! F0077-107 includes poppeted connection to prevent vapor escape on disconnect
    • weight 17.1 lbs
  • NEW!!! F0523-106 includes thick chemical resistant sight glass with 360° visibility
    • weight 16.5 lbs


  • F0077 - Vapor Elbow for Dual Point Delivery
  • F0077-107 - Vapor Elbow for Dual Point Delivery with Locking Handle
  • F0523 - Product Elbow for Dual Point Delivery
  • F0523-106 - Product Elbow for Dual Point Delivery with Locking Handle
  • F0298 - Coaxial Elbow for Single Point Delivery