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Pneumatic Controls

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Pneumatic Controls

Pneumatic Controls

Our Pneumatic Control Systems comprise of various air operated components used as control devices for actuating pneumatic valves, interlocking vehicle brakes or other pneumatic conponents with a guard bar or door actuation.

The components ensure signals are directed to the relevent compartment valves and also provide safety and security interlocking designed to customers specific requirements.

High quality control valves have been designed specifically for the physical and environmental conditions associated with road transport.



  • Lightweight and compact air system control valves
  • Simple and positive controls
  • Remote emergency shut off via integral air port
  • Visual indication of valve open/close status
  • Modular installation caters for individual compartment valve control on multi-compartment tankers
  • Panel mounting for neat and compact installation


  • F0567 - Hose Air Interlock (Composite)
  • F0567-5 - Hose Air Interlock (Metal)
  • F0903 - Diptube Air Interlock
  • F0903 - Guard Bar Brake Interlock
  • F0904 - Emergency Shut Down Button
  • 803010201 - F0567 Air Interlock with Electronic Limit Switch (US Style)
  • 803010202 - Guard Bar Brake Interlock (US Style)
  • 803010203 - Emergency Shut Down Air Valve (US Style)