Lukoil Conference

Moscow, October 22-24 - Representatives of Lukoil hosted an internal conference where directors of the largest Lukoil oil depots discussed ideas and concepts for the future development of their facilities. Among the conference participants were directors of the largest Lukoil oil depots and representatives of the relevant departments of the Lukoil parent company and Lukoil-Tsentrnefteprodukt. The event was chaired by M.L. Donde, Vice President for Petroleum Products Sales at PJSC Lukoil. The conference was a significant event for the downstream petroleum industry. It shaped the future of enterprises and strategies of this distinguished company. 

Lukoil Conference
Lukoil Conference Audience

Emco Wheaton was represented by our colleague S. Cherepanov, who during the conference had the pleasure to present Emco Wheaton and our innovative modular design for bottom loading arms, adapted for use at oil depots. In addition, a number of other highly effective, reliable, and easy to operate projects already implemented at PJSC Lukoil oil depots were discussed, with the possibility of easy scaling these projects at other facilities. The panel also discussed some operational matters of Emco Wheaton equipment installed at oil depots, as well as the use of E3000 measuring systems during the reconstruction and construction of new facilities. 

The Lukoil conference ended with participants receiving gift packages from Emco Wheaton, whereas Emco Wheaton left with thirty seven new Lukoil director contacts. The future of the downstream oil industry is shaping to be built on practical strategies and reliable technology, and Emco Wheaton is proud to be a part of this prospect. We will keep you updated on our upcoming projects with Lukoil.

Lukoil Group Photo