MPSI Tanker Launch

On 22nd of August 2019 MPSI Engineering, one of Malaysia’s leading tanker truck manufacturers, hosted an Innovation Day to launch their new range of aluminum tankers. Officially opened by Malaysia’s Transport Minister, YB. Anthony Loke, the event cemented MPSI’s decade’s long commitment to providing safe and innovative solutions for Malaysia’s oil & gas, transport and hauling companies.

Through OGCF Engineering SDN BHD, our local distributor and a key event sponsor, Emco Wheaton was provided with the opportunity to showcase our range of world leading tank truck equipment. Emco Wheaton’s range of tank truck equipment and components are designed to operate reliably and maximize safety and efficiency in hazardous conditions; ease of service and maintenance; reduce downtime and cost of ownership.

With a focus on maximizing safety, MPSI’s latest tanker is equipped with a range of equipment that was tailored to their specific requirements, including:

Bottom Loading Vapor Recovery System

The new tanker is equipped with Emco Wheaton’s proven Bottom Loading & Vapor Recovery (BLVR) system. Emco Wheaton’s BLVR system provides safer, faster and cleaner loading and unloading, working to help MPSI’s tankers to reduce operating and repair costs.

Emco Wheaton’s BLVR ensures international compatibility by complying with all internationally accepted standards, including API RP1004 and European ADR.

  • Pneumatic Controls: Properly designed pneumatic circuit coupled with high quality, air operated control and interlocking valves for a range of key pneumatic components. The system maximizes safety by ensuring that signals are routed to the relevant valves, providing a safe and secure interlock for vapor efficiency and braking system.
  • Manhole Cover: Maximizes safety by protecting the tanker against rupture and explosion when either natural or catastrophic internal pressures build up.
  • API Adapter: Incorporates maximum safety, high-flow, low-pressure drop, easy maintenance, and a long service life using a simple yet robust design.
  • Emergency (Bottom) Valve: Low pressure drop, compact body, built-in air cylinder located outside the tank, sequenced operation, durability and stringent quality control ensure that this emergency valve offers a long and trouble free life.
  • Vapor vent and adaptor: Designed to minimize pressure drop and maximize efficiency of the recovery of vapors during stage 1A & 1B vapor recovery operations, light weight and easy fitting make this valve internationally regarded as the bench mark for poppeted vapor recovery adaptor.

Working with likeminded organizations such as MPSI and OGCF has allowed Emco Wheaton to continue its commitment to developing innovative, world leading fluid transfer equipment that helps operators maximize the safety and efficiency of their operations.