Equipment for Bulk Fuel Storage Facilities


EMCO Wheaton has developed a range of products to simplify the different demands associated with terminals at a typical bulk fuel storage facility. Users not only enjoy spillage-free handling but also eliminate the threat of contamination when transferring their product.


Virtually zero spillage | Simple installation | Flexible configurations | Market-leading quality


EMCO Wheaton acknowledges the challenges businesses face when storing bulk quantities of gas and liquid product. First, there is a need to ensure terminals are not affected by equipment downtime as this can hold up processing. But businesses also need to know there are adequate provisions in place to minimise contamination and the hazards associated with leaks and spillages. Our products have been designed with these issues in mind, keeping both operators and product safe.


There are four key areas where EMCO Wheaton products are regularly used at a bulk fuel storage facility:

Our extensive range of Dry-Break couplers and adapters are industry standard for those working with blending and lube oil plants. They are designed to work safely with minimal operator intervention, while a smart design delivers a dramatically improved fugitive emission performance.

Fuel Storage
Fuel transfer poses some of the greatest challenges at a bulk fuel storage facility. Our Dry-Break technology ensures spillages and residual loss are kept to a minimum, keeping operators safe.

Loading and Unloading
We design and manufacture a wide range of equipment and integrated systems for use in both top and bottom loading/unloading of rail cars and road tankers. Our technically advanced solutions are tailored to suit virtually any application and handle almost all liquids safely and reliably.

EMCO Wheaton’s sister company, TODO, also offers a wide range of premium products for refueling aircraft in the toughest conditions. These include the TODO-45 and TODO-MATIC dry-break couplers.

To maintain high quality standards, all products in the EMCO WHEATON's fuel systems range are certified to the most stringent industry regulations:

ISO 9001:2015

Quality management systems

Baseefa Approved

ATEX compliance




Our Bulk Fuel Storage Facility Products