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Bottom Unloading for Russian Railcars

The E2704 rail unloading arm is designed for light oil products, chemicals, or high viscous products. It is equipped with a special coupler for the unloading of Russian rail cars from underneath. The coupler enables a safe and quick connection, independent to the orientation of the bottom drain adapter.

The long reach of the loading arm also enables connection to rail cars even when the drain adapter is not positioned exactly. Due to the low offset of the swivel joints a minimum vertical height is guaranteed. The robust and high quality design of the swivel joints combined with the spring cylinder balancing gives comfortable and smooth handling of the arm.

High temperature product is pumped through the internal heating line. Due to the inner pressure the telescope heating lance moves up, and the high temperature product will be sprayed through the spray head of the lance into the railcar. The high temperature product heats up the frozen (solidified) product, which then flows through product line of the loading arm.




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