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E2630 Top Loading Arm with Vapor Recovery

Loading arms with vapor return lines are ideal for use with hydrocarbons (e.g. gasoline), toxic and aggressive media.

The E2630 consists of our reliable long reach loading arm combined with a hose for vapor return. By loading with a vapor return hose, the product vapor will be recovered through the loading arm, improving terminal profitability and minimizes environmental impact.
By loading via a sealed manhole, a high level of protection is achieved for both the operator and the environment.

Our top loading arms also meet all relevant Legal requirements and regulations (e.g. EU Norm, German TA-Luft).
The E2630 is the most economical solution for loading with a vapor return.

Reliable and easy handling is achieved due to the arm’s low weight and minimal offset. The E2630 may also be used where available space is limited, e. g. existing loading stations with low roof heights.


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