EMCO Wheaton Leads the Charge at Tank Truck Week 2023 with Cutting-Edge Solutions in USA and Canada Markets


Tank Truck Week 2023 approaches, featuring a groundbreaking collaboration between industry giants Emco Wheaton and Scully Signal Company. Together, they introduce TankTek™, a revolutionary liquid transport and safety solution.

TankTek™ combines vapor recovery, overfill prevention, and grounding verification, setting new safety standards. With reduced downtime, reliable deliveries, and enhanced safety, it redefines fluid handling.

Manufactured with precision, TankTek™ boasts Scully's DynaCheck module for reliability. Its grand debut at Tank Truck Week 2023 promises to transform the industry.

Emco Wheaton and Scully share a commitment to customer excellence, with Scully as the exclusive North American contact. This partnership marks a milestone in fluid handling, prioritizing safety, innovation, and sustainability.

Stay tuned for Tank Truck Week 2023 – Emco Wheaton and Scully are reshaping the future of fluid handling with TankTek™.


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Tank Truck Week 2023