Fuel Truck Loading and Unloading Procedures

EMCO Wheaton has a number of solutions for fuel truck loading and unloading procedures. These include the J0451J0452 and J0453 API coupler and adaptor series, recognised for their ruggedness, versatility and engineered design.

Our products are used by some of the biggest names in the petro-chemical industry.


Rugged Design

Simple in-Field Maintenance

Reduced Weight

Increased Operator Safety


Loading and unloading on the road is challenging, but EMCO Wheaton makes life much easier for operators. We benefit from a global network of engineering expertise that is attuned to the needs and challenges found in different markets. The result is a range of products that are designed to prioritise safety and efficiency when working with different fuel grades.

The J0453 is the flagship product in this range. This API coupler builds on the successes of earlier models but includes several upgrades to offer the best performance on the market for fuel handling and transfer. Much like the J0451 and J0452, this model is suitable for a range of different applications across rail and road environment, handling petrol, diesel, kerosene and biofuels. With the energy transition firmly on the agenda, this product is also geared for use with emerging energy sources, such as biofuels.

TODO, EMCO Wheaton’s sister company, also offers a range of premium loading and unloading solutions for the most challenging industry environments.

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