EMCO Wheaton offers a range of different systems for refueling tank trucks and other fuel-product-carrying vehicles.

This includes electronic pump metering, additive injection, air control and bottom loading vapor recovery. These products have been developed with customer feedback in mind and are designed to make loading and unloading more efficient without compromising safety.



Compact and Lightweight

Simple Installation and Maintenance

Safe, Clean and Efficient

Modular Designs for Future Upgrades


Our systems are ideally matched for the loading and unloading of fuel products across different road markets. The DataPlus electronic pump metering system, for example, uses sophisticated control technology with proven engineered components fitted onto a taker’s manifold. Together, these parts give operators an easy and accurate way to deliver fuel, either in bulk quantities or when homeowners request refills for their domestic oil heating systems.

Other products in this range include EMCO Wheaton’s additive system, which helps customers achieve a cleaner burn, improved performance and fewer maintenance problems. The system also incorporates a number of safety features including TODO’s dry-break technology which eliminates operator exposure to harmful chemicals.

EMCO Wheaton’s manifold valve systems are shipped complete for easy installation. Operators benefit from a lightweight and compact set up that conforms to API RP1004 code of practice. Our bottom loading and vapor recovery systems are also designed with industry best practice in mind, with EMCO Wheaton having been central to the move from away from top loading in recent years.

This is just a brief overview of the benefits our systems provide.


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