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Top Unloading Arm with Heating Line for Rail Car


The E2710 Top Unloading Arm with Heating Line is especially designed to heat-up and unload high-viscous products. It is suitable for the top loading / unloading of rail and truck tankers.

By unloading through the nozzles at the end of the drop pipe, hot product will be sprayed into the vessel. The stiffed product in the vessel will be warmed up and can be suctioned through the product pipe. The drop pipe can be turned so that the whole vessel can be reached with hot product. It is possible to fasten a movable holding bar (covering plate) for a level control switch. The up and down movement of the A-length is provided by a pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder.

Because of the robust and high quality design of the swivel joints and the precise loading arm balancing, the loading arm is very easy to handle.


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