Rail, Locomotive Fueling, Rail Car Access

Each applications comes with its own specific requirements and because we are aware of that, we are able to provide truly tailored solutions, Emco Wheaton, incorporating TODO, does not simply offer 'one-size-fits-all' solutions.

An example of a bespoke rail solutions is the innovative DRY-BREAK products created following a need identified by the Turkish Rail Authority which was looking for a way to reduce the theft of fuel from its fleet.

Emco Wheaton engineers responded to the challenge with an innovative anti-theft solution. The TODO-MATIC adaptor, which is mounted on the rail car, incorporates a switch that senses a magnet mounted on both the coupler and the adaptor cap. This connection generates an 'on/off' signal which alerts the locomotive driver if a coupler or cap is disconnected from an adaptor without authority or at the wrong time. The coupler, cap and adaptor are designed as such that when correctly joined the magnet and switch will align.

Turkish Rail Authority saw the value of this solution and as a result, 1,500 2" units were supplied to the authority.

The TODO-MATIC has been used with a number of applications for many years with its performance being constantly assessed to ensure it is fit for purpose. This evolution of the products is an example of its versatility and the ability of Emco Wheaton engineers to find solutions for the issues our clients face.