Emco Wheaton is the consolidation of two businesses, one being Wheaton Petroleum Valves which was founded in 1892 in Newark, New Jersey by A.W. Wheaton and the other being The Empire Manufacturing Company which was founded in London, Canada in 1903. On incorporation in 1906, this became a limited company, called Empire Brass Manufacturing Co. Ltd and then Emco Brass (Emco). In 1927, Emco entered into an exclusive licensee arrangement with Wheaton, creating "Emco Wheaton" for the first time.

In 1949, Emco Brass (UK) Limited was founded in Croydon, near London. This plant manufactured Wheaton petroleum valves under license. This was the first company to be established outside of North America. The plant in Croydon soon proved to be too small and the company relocated to the current site in Margate, Kent in 1952.

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In 1965, Emco Wheaton acquired Buckeye Iron and Brass Works of Dayton, Ohio. Buckeye manufactured nozzles, dry-break couplings and underwing aircraft refueling couplers. Finally in 1967 all outstanding Wheaton shares were purchased by Emco Limited bringing all three major brands - Emco, Wheaton and Buckeye - under single ownership.

In September 1995 Emco Wheaton Distribution, Transportation and Marine business was sold to Syltone plc - a UK based company. Syltone introduced a Manufacturing Consolidation Program, which meant that production of loading arms ceased at Margate. Emco Wheaton UK became the hub company for Tank Truck Equipment, whilst Emco Wheaton GmbH, in Kirchhain, Germany became the hub company For Marine Loading Arms. 

In January 2004, Gardner Denver Inc of Quincy Illinois acquired Syltone plc and the Emco Wheaton businesses were consolidated into the Emco Wheaton Division, operating within Gardner Denver's Energy and Infrastructure Group, today refered to as the Energy Group, where it resides to this day.

In 2006, TODO, a leading Swedish manufacturer of Dry Break couplings and adaptors was added to the Emco Wheaton Division through acquisition, substantially strengthening our global presence and broad product offering.

In 2013 KKR purchased Gardner Denver and continue to support Emco Wheaton in its drive to grow and prosper.