Loading Arms

Emco Wheaton is recognized globally as a premium supplier of Loading Arms. Our Loading Systems are designed and manufactured to the highest industry standards.

We specialize in loading solutions for a wide range of applications. The Emco Wheaton product range includes Marine Loading Arms as well as Land Loading Systems. Our solutions are superior in loading and unloading vessels, tank trucks, rail cars, ISOtainers, and other containers. Please see our product range below.


Complete range of Loading Arms

Our complete portfolio of Loading Arm Systems, equipment, and our range of accessories cover a wide spectrum of fluid-handling applications. Emco Wheaton loading systems can safely be used to transfer gases, petroleum products, chemicals, and food in a wide range of temperature and pressure operating conditions.

We design and manufacture a wide range of Marine Loading Arms. Loading and unloading almost any liquid and compressed gas product from river barges, ships, and ocean-going supertankers. Pantograph balanced mechanical link technology provides stability and strength for this most demanding task.

Our engineers have developed a number of loading arms for specialized service applications. We have designed and manufactured loading arms for more than 60 years. We focus on meeting the needs of our customers. Emco Wheaton delivers technically advanced solutions to suit almost any application in the world.

If your applications do not fit with any of the standard models, you can contact us to request a custom solution. Our mission as a market leader is to innovate our technologies constantly. We deliver reliable and safe solutions that bring value to your organization.

The safety of your workers and your organization is our top priority. Emco Wheaton manufactures complete loading systems that are designed with the best of workplace ergonomics in mind. Our Land Loading Arms portfolio includes both top and bottom loading arms to adjust to different needs.

Our DRY-BREAK couplers and safety breakaways, API Couplers, and swivel joints form the backbone of every efficient loading system. They are designed to minimize spillage, leakage, and dangerous fugitive emissions.

We successfully operate in over 100 countries, providing our customers with service and support through our teams and partner network. Our solutions are used worldwide by top industry players.

Whatever your needs and applications, you can trust Emco Wheaton to deliver or design a solution for you. A solution that will boost your performance and keep your operations and your people safe.