Loading Arm Accessories

Emco Wheaton provides a range of accessories for our road and rail loading arms. Our range of premium accessories are designed to maximize the safety and handling of your loading arms. They reduce emissions as well as minimizing the risk of drive away incidents, incorrect operation, and accidental discharge. Our combination of products and services will ensure optimum performance in your bulk liquid transfer operations. Whenever you need assistance, our experienced team can recommend the best accessories for your operation, guide you through on-site integration.

Our range of accessories are available in a variety of connection options, and can be used in many loading applications.

Control Systems systems for the comfortable and safe operation of loading arms.

Heating Systems- Designed to keep loaded fluids in a liquid state, used for products with low and middle temperature ranges or if there is no other heating media available.

Overfill Safety Device - secondary safety system which prevents product overflow, for example in the case of an incorrect pre-selected loading amount.

Parallel Device for Bottom Loading Arms
The arm is fitted with six swivels for complete 3-axis movement of the tanker connection, allowing for tanker height changes during filling/discharge. The arm is additionally fitted with a parallel bar that holds the tanker connection arm ("B"-length) in a horizontal position irrespective of the primary arm ("A"-length) position. This makes tanker connection and disconnection much easier. The B-length also has a gas spring fitted allowing the operator to raise and lower the B-length with total ease.

SURELOK Couplings- represent the most innovative method of producing fast and tight connection between two hoses or a vessel and a hose. These couplings comply with the safety requirements of the chemical and oil industries.

Telescopic Drop Tube - is used with a bottom contact switch, ensuring that the drop tube is permanently in touch with the bottom of the tanker being loaded. Our telescopic drop tubes can be either manually or pneumatically operated. Manually operated telescopic drop tubes are robust and have a short installation.

Learn more about our range of Loading Arm accessories below, or contact us to request a quote to:

  • make the transfer process safer for the operator,
  • eliminate spills and releases,
  • provide a longer lasting solution to the transfer process.