TODO Safety Technology Paves The Way to Drifting World Records

Transferring hazardous liquids and gases is unavoidable in many industries so it's critical that safety standards are maintained at all times. Safety should always be a number one priority. After all, it's about getting people home safely at the end of the day. This is why dry-break systems have long been the go-to solution across the globe for a simple, quick, safe and environmentally friendly method for the handling of dangerous liquids and gases. It's also why a TODO Dry-Break system was key to operator safety and played a part in helping BMW America break two drifting world records at its performance centre in South Carolina earlier this year.

When it comes to fluid transfer, TODO is the brand leader which covers all markets from LPG to chemicals; oil to gas. The TODO DRY-BREAK coupler is a very diverse and flexible product, something that was clearly on display when it enabled rapid, safe and spill-free, car-to-car refuelling during a drifting record of 232.5 miles in eight hours.

While the previous record-holder used an additional fuel tank in order to achieve a continuous drift, BMW enlisted the help of Detroit Speed,Inc. to come up with a safe and reliable solution to fill the tank mid-drift from a second car - and they not only refuelled the car once, they did it a staggering five times on the wet skid pad - enough to achieve a second world record for the longest twin vehicle drift.

The crux of Detroit Speed's solution came to creating a unique fuel transport system comprising machined custom fittings, a TODO Dry-Break coupling and a man in a safety harness hanging out of the back window with a hose which could transfer around 8-9 gallons in just 25 seconds into the record car. The engineers also removed the rear seats and installed a custom fuel tank in the trunk.

Many of us have seen race car refuelling equipment, but it usually requires manual alignment and pressure to stay engaged.  In this driving stunt, this was not suitable due to the movement involved so they needed a system that would positively lock-on safely with the person hanging out of the window at speed.  The 2" Todo-Matic® Dry-Break in lightweight aluminium offered the team a rapid, safe, spill-free transfer of the fuel. It could be piloted on very easily and only required a quarter-turn to lock.

Despite Danish racing driver Johan Schwartz's sore neck and his feet falling asleep, he skilfully smashed the previous record of six hours with a TODO DRY-BREAK, car-to-car refuelling system that worked flawlessly.

Of course this is not a usual scenario for a TODO coupling, but it does demonstrate how even in the most challenging situations and environments, a high level of operator safety can be achieved.