EMCO Wheaton’s aviation range includes solutions for standard refueling operations, as well as hot refueling helicopters for rapid turnaround in time-sensitive combat environments. We now manufacture these solutions for both commercial and military customers, focusing on lightweight, ergonomic design that always keeps the fuel operative in mind.


Safety by design | Automatic shut off | Proven in the field | Rugged components

Hot refueling is important for keeping operations on schedule. But it can also be dangerous when the wrong equipment is used and fuel is sucked into an air intake. This can not only lead to damage but also risk an explosion occurring. EMCO Wheaton has developed a product to tackle these challenges and allow organizations to refuel their helicopters while the turbines and avionics are still running.

The G457 incorporates safety by design, allowing fuel operators to fill a tank quickly and consistently without fear of critical failure. This nozzle is also used in all climates and is available with a special extra-low-temperature variant, making it a critically important component when working in adverse conditions.


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