EMCO Wheaton’s G1600 automatic train refueling system is recognised as a leading product on the market and is used extensively across the world, including the US, Canada and Brazil.

People standing next to an EMCO Wheaton G1600 automatic train refueling system on display at an exhibition.


High flow rate | Consistent fuel level | Automatic shut off | No contamination


Our products are recognised as ideal solutions for speeding up processing times, delivering consistent fuel levels and keeping the cost of platform operations to a minimum. This success is down to our pedigree in the market and a history that stretches back to 1958, when EMCO Wheaton designed and developed the first automatic diesel fueling system for the rail industry. 

Since then, EMCO Wheaton has worked closely with rail personnel to refine products that match the increasing demands found across the international rail market.

The G1600 series is our flagship product for train refueling processes, consisting of the G1630 nozzle and G1620 adaptor.

The PosiLock Blue is also used for diesel locomotives – a DEF system that eliminates the risk of contamination when dispensing DEF/AdBlue.


As with all EMCO Wheaton products, our engineers can make design changes to suit your needs.

This is particularly important in the rail market, where regulations are subject to change in different parts of the world. For more information on our train refueling products, click the links below.