The Importance of Aftercare in Your Safety Planning

The importance of health and safety within the oil and gas industry can never be overemphasised. With operations taking place on a truly global scale, it's potentially one of the most hazardous industries due to the combination of flammable chemicals and processes, and powerful production equipment.  Ensuring a safe working environment for personnel and equipment to prevent accidents and potentially fatal incidents should be at the forefront of everything you do.  How can oil and gas companies derive maximum business benefits from equipment assets whilst at the same time optimise production and ensure the safety of the workforce?

With management putting more pressure on engineering and maintenance departments to reduce budgets, labour and operating costs, the reliability and performance of plant equipment is key, which in turn can have a significant impact on safety. Issues of having fewer skilled onsite personnel to handle maintenance needs can further exacerbate the issue. For Gardner Denver brands Emco Wheaton and TODO, leading suppliers of equipment to the fluid transfer industry, the careful design and engineering of products combined with aftermarket provision can solve these problems, dramatically improving production efficiency and increasing reliability without the need and costs of a complete replacement.

Faced with these challenges, a comprehensive aftermarket maintenance and service programme will reduce the risk of early failure and extend the life of equipment which can add real value to an operation.  For Emco Wheaton and TODO brands, aftercare begins when a product is first commissioned.  Their highly trained engineers are available anywhere in the world to ensure equipment is safely installed and can carry out pre-determined safety checks prior to commissioning the equipment.  Furthermore, certified service centres in the UK, Germany, Italy and Portugal can provide risk assessments, service exchange for key components, supply genuine spare parts and self-verify metering systems to meet NWML standards. TODO is growing its network of service centres continuously, with new centres opening this summer in Houston and Toronto.

To maximise the life of your systems and keep them working efficiently and effectively, these qualified personnel can carry out periodic inspections which are an ideal way of highlighting any current or projected problems with your systems. If equipment has been customised to a client's specific needs, then you can be confident they have the knowledge required to work with these products.

Onsite training on how to use specific products can be provided for operators and maintenance teams every two-to-five years, ensuring clients get the most out of our products whilst remaining safe.

Emco Wheaton and TODO believe excellent customer care is essential in the delivery of high quality services. When you purchase equipment you are entering into a long-term relationship that will not only add value to your process, it will also ensure the safety of your operators and plant.