EMCO Wheaton offers a range of solutions for rail tanker loading and unloading. Our solutions are the product of 40 years’ experience in the rail industry, working with private operators and national authorities throughout the world.


Eliminates Spillages

Simple Maintenance

Easy to Use

Quality Durable Parts


EMCO Wheaton offers a comprehensive range of products for rail tanker loading and unloading, including loading arms and API couplers. These can be used to quickly transfer bulk liquids and chemicals between two tanks without contamination, spillages and risk to operator safety.

These products are also capable of handling virtually any liquid. From liquefied natural gas and petroleum products, to hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals and food -grade liquids. We have a range of top loading arms, bottom loading arms, API couplers and access equipment for loading platforms.

Our portfolio includes all the elements necessary to meet your rail tanker loading and unloading needs.

EMCO Wheaton’s sister company, TODO, also offers its own range of premium rail products. These are used for the most demanding applications and have been trusted by major operators for many years.

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