Loading Arms Oil and Gas Equipment

EMCO Wheaton is widely recognised for its innovative range of loading arms that are used in over 100 countries throughout the world. Alongside our sister company TODO, we cover virtually every fluid or gas-handling application, keeping both product and operators safe.

loading arm application

High-grade materials | Virtually zero spillage | Proven in the field | Reliable design

EMCO Wheaton’s loading arms for oil and gas can be found in over 100 countries and are recognised for their rugged design and reliability under tough conditions. These products can be used to safely transfer gases, petroleum product, chemicals and food in a wide range of temperature and pressure operating conditions.


Our range cover key applications on land and at sea. Marine loading arms, for example, are essential for the safe loading and unloading of liquid and compressed gas products from river barges, ships and ocean-going supertankers. An engineered design developed over 60 years ensures customers have a strong and stable system that can be relied upon even in the most demanding conditions.


Operator safety is central to all of our loading arm design – this is to acknowledge the hazards inherent when handling certain fuel products. We also develop products with the operator in mind, seeking the most ergonomic operation to ensure jobs can always be carried out quickly without compromising safety. Our land loading arms offer a case in point, including both top and bottom loading configurations

employee configurates land loading arms

EMCO Wheaton dry-break and API couplers form the backbone of every efficient loading system. They are designed to minimise spillages, leakages and fugitive emissions. Along with our sister company TODO, we cover every major fluid and gas-handling application. As with all our products, however, custom changes can be made to meet specific needs.