Tank Truck Equipment And Systems

Emco Wheaton is a leading manufacturer of safe, durable, and reliable road tanker equipment and tank truck systems. Our selection of class-leading tank truck solutions includes top loading systems, bottom loading arms, air control systems, and electric pump metering systems. We also provide manifold valve systems and sealed cargo systems that utilize proven Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology which allows an improved optimization of transport processes. Every solution for fuel tankers is fully assembled to the highest quality specifications and industry standards.

We have decades of experience working in close collaboration with fleet managers at loading operations around the globe. Leveraging this collaborative approach, we have developed products that both meet and exceed current truck loading requirements; helping our customers maximize and future-proof their operations.

Today Emco Wheaton stands as a world leader in fuel systems for fleet vehicles. Based on a tradition of excellence in manufacturing and aftermarket care, Emco Wheaton aims to continue to innovate technology and service design to help our customers maximize the safety and efficiency of their fleet, while minimizing product loss.