Bus Equipment for Systems


EMCO Wheaton’s bus fueling systems have been developed through close collaboration with the sector’s most recognisable names. These systems prioritise speed, efficiency and safety, coupled with robust design to ensure fleets are always ready for the road.

The PosiLock 105, for example, can support rapid refueling without any spillages, while the PosiLock Blue will guarantee contamination-free filling for vehicles fitted with selective catalytic reduction.

These are just some of the benefits and more can be found on the individual pages listed below. While these products are principally designed for city bus applications, they can also be applied to rail and off-road where use of diesel and DEF/AdBlue is common.

As with any EMCO Wheaton product, all bus fueling systems can be customised to suit your needs and are supported by servicing kits and original spares.