Equipment for Locomotive Refueling


EMCO Wheaton has worked with major operators in the rail sector for 40 years. Our systems are designed to speed up the locomotive refueling process while minimising the challenges associated with on-platform loading and unloading.


Reliable and Durable

Safe and Simple Operation

Low Pressure Drop

Quality Construction

EMCO Wheaton’s products cover all loading and unloading processes in the rail market. This includes rail cars and locomotive refueling. Recognising the different needs of operators across the world, our solutions are tailored to each customer and never adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Perhaps the best example of this can be seen through our work with the Turkish Rail Authority, which needed a way to reduce the theft of fuel from its fleet. EMCO Wheaton’s engineers responded to the challenge with an innovative solution using a modified adaptor from sister company TODO.


The TODO-MATIC adaptor was mounted on the rail car and incorporated a switch that sensed a magnet mounted on both the coupler and the adaptor cap. This connection then generated an 'on/off' signal that alerted the locomotive driver if a coupler or cap was disconnected without authority or at the wrong time. The coupler, cap and adaptor were designed as such that when correctly joined the magnet and switch will align. The Turkish Rail Authority saw the value of this solution and ordered 1,500 2-inch units. This is just one example among many in the rail sector and typifies the tailored approach EMCO Wheaton takes to each job.

All EMCO Wheaton products are certified to the highest industry standards and are manufactured against criteria set in ISO 9001. Click the links below for a full breakdown of our products in this market.

To maintain high quality standards, all products in the EMCO WHEATON's fuel systems range are certified to the most stringent industry regulations:


Industry agreed cross-compatibility


Transportation of dangerous goods by road and rail

ISO 9001:2015

Quality management systems




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