EMCO Wheaton Off-Road Fueling Systems


EMCO Wheaton recognises the unique challenges that off-road vehicles face and has designed a series of products to tackle them. Our off-road fuel systems use only the most durable components, giving operators the assurance they need in the toughest environments. They also prioritise speed and safety so colleagues can get on with other key servicing tasks while filling takes place. In turn, this minimises downtime and allows work to continue without delay.

The G2266 automatic fueling system is EMCO Wheaton’s leading product in this range. It can be fitted easily to an existing fleet, or incorporated as part of the design on new off-road fuel tanks. The system has an exceptionally high flow rate and an in-built tank level monitor to ensure a consistent volume of fuel is delivered every time.

It’s used by some of most recognisable names in mining and construction, and can be found on trucks, gantry cranes and straddle carriers. More features and benefits can be accessed by clicking the links below.