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LPG Bullhorn Loading Arm for Loading / Unloading

The Emco Wheaton LPG transfer system offers a successful and economic solution of loading/unloading LPG into Rail cars.

In contrast to hoses, this transfer system provides safety from explosion, driveway obstructions and condensate losses at site – all of which improve operator safety and profit margins. Common hazards associated with loading and unloading LPG railcars such as operator cold burns, collapsing railcars and product loss are reduced to virtually zero.

Specifically designed for the loading/ unloading of railcars, quick and safe connection to the vessel by couplers and comfortable smooth handling improve loading time.

Traditionally 3 loading arms were required to make three separate connections to the rail car. The Emco Wheaton LPG transfer system design incorporates 2 LPG loading connections and 1 Vapor return hose line having the ability to reach each connection point at once with ease. All 3 lines are carried within 1 loading arm.


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