Aircraft Refueling Operations

EMCO Wheaton has set the standard for efficient aircraft refueling operations by working with some of the industry’s biggest names. This includes commercial aircraft operators, as well as military organizations throughout the world. Much like our other fuel transfer products, this range is focused on efficiency without compromising the safety of personnel.




Safety by

in the Field

Minimal Spillage

Efficient aircraft refueling operations form the foundation of EMCO Wheaton’s original line of equipment in this range. This means high flow delivery and spillage-free operation, as well as reliability even in the harshest conditions. We provide an economical alternative to ISO 45 standard hose couplings without sacrificing performance.

All EMCO Wheaton aviation fuel transfer equipment is designed with safety in mind. Aviation refueling operations demand only the highest quality standards and operators need to know products won’t fail them when they’re needed most. That’s why our engineers work closely with customers to guarantee solutions fit the bill before being used in the field.

Your operators, vehicles and customers are EMCO Wheaton’s primary concern. As such, our equipment looks to eliminate spillages, fuel loss and the threat of human error whenever personnel are transferring fuel in high-pressure environments. This not only shields people from avoidable harm but also protects profit margins in a highly competitive market.


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